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You all know that I LOVE me some yoga and kettlebells! One thing they have in common is the linkage of breath and movement in a nice flowing fashion. Here is a fun warm-up flow that I used with my classes this week. I think you’ll enjoy it!

Now I know that not everyone has access to a gym all the time, some of you not ever! Doesn’t matter we all have bodies and can perform SMART STRENGTH BODYWEIGHT circuits at home! Here is a fun one that you can do outside using just a single step ☺ Enjoy!

I have talked quite a bit about Female Fat Loss and what is involved in the process. Here is one of my favorite metabolic conditioning workouts that takes just 10 minutes to complete.

You all have 10 minutes ☺

All you need is a heavy kettlebell, a light kettlebell and some furniture sliders (paper plates on a rug/ rags on hard wood floor will do just fine!)

Set your timer for 10 minutes.

Perform 10 2-handed swings

Perform 20 Mt. Climbers

Perform 6 Snatches on your Right Hand

Perform 6 Snatches on your Left Hand

Perform 20 Mt. Climbers

Repeat the above for AMRAP (as many rounds as possible (THAT LOOK GOOD)) for 10 minutes!

***Try again NEXT week and see if you can complete more rounds in in the same 10 minutes 🙂


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