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March 5, 2016 | 0 Comments


Here is my first of THREE FREE WORKOUTS 🙂 This one is fun finisher, so grab a kettlebell and let’s get moving! 8 snatches (on non-dominant hand) 8 squat thrusts (on non-dominant hand) 8 1-arm swings (on non-dominant hand) 50 yard overhead carry (on non-dominant hand) — hand to hand switch and repeat on your dominant hand! Rest :30-:45sec

January 10, 2016 | 0 Comments

FREE KETTLEBELL FLOW +Favorite Fitness Reads Of The Week!

This is one of my favorite kettlebell flows since becoming pregnant: I like to call it the “Prego Flow Deep Six,” its taken from StrongFirst and I have adapted it to my changing body’s needs :)))) 1- Arm swing, Snatch, Clean, Squat, Press, & TGU (modified) Hand to hand switch and repeat on the opposite side Can be used as a

January 1, 2016 | 0 Comments

Goodbye 2015 + Hello New Year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! I am happy to announce that there is a new addition to my website 🙂 2015 was a year of awesome transformations due to the success of my Progress Not Perfection Online Nutrition Coaching Group. My next program starts January 4th and runs for 8 weeks. 8 Week Nutrition Coaching Program If you would rather a shorter version of the

December 7, 2015 | 4 Comments

An Honest Account of My First Trimester of Pregnancy

Learning how to listen to my body with regards to both exercise and nutrition are skills that will serve me well being pregnant.  I believe that strength training and healthy nutrition will not only help me throughout my pregnancy but also helped me to get pregnant in the first place. As it turns out I was pregnant at my wedding! Anthony and I had

November 1, 2015 | 1 Comments

FREE WORKOUT + Everything Single Leg Deadlift to Reverse Lunge

I apologize it’s been awhile since you have heard from me! I am currently sitting on my mother- in- law’s computer writing to you 🙂 My computer is in the shop and won’t be expected home until Tuesday at the earliest! Ginny is having 25 people over in just a few so I will make this post brief! I’m really glad I made the switch

October 4, 2015 | 0 Comments

Yes, ANOTHER FREE WORKOUT + Favorite Fitness Reads!

As you know I am taking a break from tutorial Tuesday and giving Workout Wednesday a shot! It is going pretty well thus far 🙂 I shared a great finisher or stand alone “quickie” workout this past week. “Don’t Forget the Guns!” Grab a #kettlebell and give your guns a little pump 💪 Perform 12 Power Clean to Front Squat

August 20, 2015 | 1 Comments

WIFEY WORKOUT- My Gift to You!

If you don’t know, know you know. #Wifey #workout coming to your inbox this weekend, congrats to Lucy who gets hitched this weekend! All you need is a single #kettlebell and a chair/couch/ bench! #progressnotperfection #fitfam #smartstrength #shreddedforthewedding #chickswholift #girlswholift #getbetter #girlsgonestrong A photo posted by Stacey

July 4, 2015 | 0 Comments

FREE 4TH OF JULY WORKOUT + Favorite Fitness Reads!

HAPPY 4th of July!!!!! I’ll make this quick because I know its going to be a busy weekend! In this weeks Tutorial Tuesday we discussed the bent over row and how to perform it properly. You better take some mental notes on the following video because the bent over row is in  your 4th of July workout 😉   You all know I love working out,

July 3, 2015 | 2 Comments

How to Create Your Own #SmartStrength Workouts Every Time

Being able to create your own #smartstrength workouts is a GREAT skill to possess. With so many options out there no wonder why its so confusing to “make up” your own workouts! I’m here to make this daunting task A LOT EASIER! There are 4 main components you will want to make sure you include. An upper body pushing movement (push-up,

May 30, 2015 | 1 Comments

PR Setting Success Stories, Kick-Ass Throwback Workout + Favorite Fitness Reads

I hope you are enjoying another great weekend… perhaps you are still catching up from your Memorial Day Weekend activities! This past week I shared a SHORT FLOW to get you moving and breathing after the long weekend.  I 100% believe that some movement and attention to breath is better than nothing 🙂 The following takes only 3 minutes and