Smart Strength for Women

Smart Strength for Women


Welcome to Smart Strength

Welcome to Smart Strength, the sustainable, long-term way for women to get strong, find balance, and stay healthy. No matter your age, fitness level, or stage of life, now is the perfect time to make strength training part of your life.

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What is Smart Strength?

Smart Strength is the product of 15 years in the fitness industry, rooted in my professional environments, experiences, personal successes, and learning from failure.

This is a 12-week online training program that you can start anytime and do anywhere. 

Smart Strength will teach you how to:

  • Adopt an attitude that prioritizes training for longevity as opposed to chasing a daily workout “high”
  • Have the patience and consistency to get just a little bit better, each and every session
  • Gain body awareness so that you can find optimal positioning within your own body for every strength exercise you perform
  • Prioritize three total body strength training sessions each week, following the mantra that “less is more”
  • Achieve a balance between work and recovery—truly living the notion that “everything you do, you must undo”

Why Smart Strength?

Smart Strength prioritizes three workouts per week. You’ll get comprehensive, safe, and effective training sessions that will work your whole body, get you in proper alignment, make sure your core is firing, and improve your everyday life. You can achieve and maintain an amazingly sexy, healthy, happy body with just three quality sessions per week. Most of what you’ve heard about women’s strength training is dead wrong, and I’m here cut through the bullshit and help you figure out how to make your workouts work for you.

Is Smart Strength for you?

Smart Strength is for women of all ages and abilities who are ready to throw out what they think they know about strength training and ready to adopt a program that works.

Smart Strength Success Stories

I set a goal to run 12 races in year, totaling a race a month. I knew that I had some issues with hypermobility and general muscle weakness and that I needed some help accomplishing this goal. Within a month of starting Smart Strength I could feel my body changing and my races demonstrated the positive changes. Smart Strength has increased my stability and strength in addition to my knowledge base to preserve my body moving through this running journey. (GLUTES. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE GLUTES!)

Claudia - 27

Smart Strength routines are creative, accessible, and effective. I recommend this program wholeheartedly, especially for those that are looking to be healthy for the long haul!

Amanda - 24

I don’t have the anxiety about getting older and having to look frumpy, because I know that with the way I’m eating, strength training and treating my body; that will never happen. I feel strong and 100% confident that I can do anything I set my mind to. I just want to thank Smart Strength for my NEW, SLIMMER 60+ NO BELLY BODY!!!

Patty - 65

Smart Strength has helped me really embrace the “less is more” mantra of fitness.

Ankita - 33

I have been relatively active most of my life. I’ve worked with trainers, and have been heavy into spin, Pilates and Barre classes. These all seemed to be focused on limited areas and not an overall health and fitness routine. As a woman in her late (very late) 50s, I felt the impact of age in little things; how it felt to jog across the street at an intersection, hauling my outdoor furniture inside and outside each year and even how I felt getting out of bed each morning. Smart Strength (also includes some cardio as well) has improved my posture, balance, sleep, alignment and definitely my mood, not to mention the shape of my body and the strength I have gained. Now when I sprint to cross the street it doesn’t feel like my body will break… and my furniture moving is no longer a chore as much as a quick workout!

Marcy - 59

Thank you @jilliannicole21! "I honestly don't know where to begin when it comes to my experience with Stacey. I started on this journey in preparation for my upcoming wedding. Fast forward five months and I'm realizing its become so, so much more than that. This is now for me, for my life, and not just for my wedding. Stacey taught me that living a healthy lifestyle isn't black and white, there's no right and wrong, there's no magic equation to make those extra pounds come off. She taught me that it's all about 80/20, it's okay to enjoy a piece of chocolate every once in awhile, and most of all that slow progress is still progress. My body has changed in a way that I've never imagined. IT'S ALL ABOUT FOOD. Don't get me wrong, I feel stronger from my strength training with Stacey but those training sessions would mean nothing if I wasn't fueling my body with the right food. Before Stacey I was eating all wrong. Stacey had me eating 300 MORE calories than I was prior to, and shifting my macros significantly to fit my goals. LIFE CHANGING. Also, before Stacey I thought cardio was the key to weight loss. People ask me if I will stop living this way post answer is - HELL NO. I'm no longer doing this to lose the pounds, I started this journey fluctuating between 135-137 pounds...5 months in, I am fluctuating between 122-123 pounds...this is still mind boggling for me. I've hit a weight that I never thought I'd get back to at this age but happily I have! I now feel stronger, happier, 10x more energized 🙂 #progressnotperfection #proud #proteinforthewin #nutrition #fatloss #smartstrength #kettlebells #boston #bodyrecomposition #iifym

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Smart Strength changed my idea of an effective workout and introduced strength work into my routine–body weight exercises I could do at home; kettlebell training to improve my core stability; and lots and lots of lunges (fire those glutes to protect my back!). This program helped me realize that even if I wasn’t 100% all the time, I could still progress with simple modifications to stop the pain and build my strength. I have dropped inches, lost a few pounds, gained them back in muscle and have realized how strong and able I am. My back feels pretty damn good, too! If you are ready to change the way you think about exercise; about exercise after injury, and the way you think about your overall health, I strongly encourage you to give Smart Strength a try.

Karen - 44

Smart Strength completely changed my view of fitness and what I need to do to stay in shape… the workouts are brilliant. They are efficient, effective and safe for my body. I workout less and look better than before. I highly recommend Smart Strength for the businesswomen in the world who want to maximize their time spent in the gym, look great, and not wreck their body in the process.

Stacy - 36

Smart Strength made it possible for me to work out less and look better!

Erin - 49

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Less is more

Smart Strength is about working out as few times per week as possible — or at least the fewest times you can while still seeing the results you want. Plenty of women have routines that involve running six days a week, or hitting the gym five mornings before work.

But what happens when life gets in the way? When you get a new job, and your commute gets longer? Or when you have a kid? Or get hurt? Those five or six days a week you need to maintain slowly drop down to four or two or none.

Smart Strength is not a 90-day hardcore plan that will get you in great shape but turn your life upside down. Smart Strength is simple, effective and sustainable. It may not be the “latest fad” but it FUCKING WORKS.

If you have ever wanted to work with me, but money, distance or time was too much of an obstacle, then Smart Strength is for you. Smart Strength is an entirely online program that gives you the flexibility to work out wherever and whenever you want. If you were to train with me in-person three-times a week for 12 weeks, you would pay $3,600. Smart Strength offers all of my knowledge and guidance for just $97.

Meet Stacey:

stacey-schaedler-smart-strengthAfter 15 years in the fitness industry, I now run my own semi-private personal training business within the largest yoga studio in Boston. I am an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, hold my Russian Kettlebell Certification, and am also a Registered Yoga Teacher through the National Yoga Alliance. For over a decade, I have helped thousands of women achieve their fitness and health goals. I focus on strength training with a strong emphasis on postural integrity and alignment. This, paired with solid nutritional education, create the foundation for my clients’ success. Not only do my clients learn to move properly, gain strength, and eliminate pain, they learn to listen to their bodies. Because of my diverse experiences as a collegiate athlete, professional figure competitor, and avid yogi, I am able to help others attain their fitness and nutrition goals. Aside from Turkish Get Ups and handstand walking, I enjoy writing, stand-up paddleboarding, yoga, cooking, snowboarding, and eating plantains! I currently live just north of Boston with my husband Anthony, daughter Julia, and pitbull Tater.

Have any questions about Smart Strength or how it can work for you? Email me at

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