In the time that I have worked with Stacey, I have dropped 3 pant sizes, lost 20+ lbs , gained muscle and realized how strong and able I am.   My back feels pretty damn good, too!

A lifelong athlete, I started having back issues when I turned 40.  After 3 rounds of PT, multiple visits to a chiropractor and 2 cortisone shots, I was finally feeling better, but was too scared to do much of any exercise for fear of injuring myself again.  I wanted more than PT would give me, but I knew that I did not know how to make my exercise challenging and safe.  That is when I found Stacey; she listened to my history (L4-L5 disc issues), assessed my movement, assigned some corrective exercises and assured me that I was OK and ready to be challenged.

Stacey challenged my pain, and helped me realize that even if I wasn’t 100% I could still progress with simple modifications to stop the pain and build my strength.  She challenged my idea of an effective workout and introduced strength work into my routine–body weight exercises I could do at home and kettlebell training to improve my core stability.

Her small group training sessions are perfect for me.  Everyone works on their own routine, but we provide support and encouragement to move through our workouts together.  Stacey is always available, and will correct postures, make adjustments to exercises if needed and will ensure that we are moving correctly, in alignment and towards health.

In the time that I have worked with Stacey, I have dropped 3 pant sizes, lost 20+ lbs , gained muscle and realized how strong and able I am.   My back feels pretty damn good, too!  If you are ready to change the way you think about exercise; about exercise after injury; about the way you eat and the way you think about your overall health, I strongly encourage you to contact Stacey Schaedler.

Karen, 43

I was a super type A always on the go woman of Wall Street and my workout regime mirrored that. I was working out like a maniac, utilizing mostly Jillian Michaels and her “hardcore” workouts as my routine.  I would also do yoga 3-5x per week and do cardio. Needless to say, I was running my body to the ground.

There is no coincidence that when I transitioned from the corporate treadmill to owning my own business, I found Stacey.  She completely changed my view of fitness and what I need to do to stay in shape. Her workouts are brilliant. They are efficient, effective and safe for my body.  I workout less and look better than before.

I highly recommend Stacey for the businesswomen in the world who want to maximize their time spent in the gym, look great, and not wreck their body in the process. I just moved to Denver and have continued with online training, it’s like having Stacey here with me!

Stacy, 34

Who was I before I was fortuitous enough to find Stacey? I had no idea how to eat, I worked so much that I never had time for myself and was 100 lbs overweight.

Enter Stacey and fast forward through a year filled with commitment, whole foods, kettlebells, yoga, and most importantly, patience, and we have Liz 2.0! Liz 2.0 is a fit, strong, healthy woman who puts herself first and is happier than ever before.

How did we do it? It was simple 🙂

First, I learned to listen. Her ‘less is more’ mantra became my own.

Second, I committed. I showed up in the mornings, twice a week, at 6:40am, because that was the only way it would get done… and I am NOT a morning person.

Third, I learned how to eat, and eat for life. I started by following the meal plan Stacey created to a ‘t’. As time progressed and I became ready, she worked with me to help me fully understand the interplay between fats, protein, and carbohydrates, what worked best for my body, and how to fluidly change it based upon my activity levels.

It is now nearly two years since I found Stacey. My life has changed dramatically in both body and mind. I am so proud to call her one of my closest friends. When someone helps you come as far as I did, there is nothing off limits. Stacey’s a keeper and knows her stuff cold. Trust her. She WILL help you accomplish ANYTHING you desire… so long as you commit back. GOOD LUCK!!!!

Liz, 33

I set a goal to run 12 races in 2013, totaling a race a month. I knew that I had some issues with injury and general muscle weakness and that I would need some help accomplishing this goal. After hearing about Stacey from a friend, I knew exactly who to go to for a no nonsense assessment of where I am, a clear discussion of where I want to go, and the tough love I’d need to get there. I was right! Within a month of working with Stacey I could feel my body changing and my February race demonstrated the positive changes.

In the time that I’ve worked with Stacey we’ve increased my stability and strength, in addition to my knowledge base to preserve my body moving through this running journey. (GLUTES. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE GLUTES!)

We’ve also overcome a number of bumps in the road. I slipped on ice in February and had some trouble with my ankle afterward. Stacey met with me and took me through a few low impact movements and new foam rolling positions and I successfully PRed in my February race. She makes notes on each session so this injury from February is still on her radar, which is great. I recently ran Boston’s Run to Remember half marathon. In the week leading up to the race I started having horrible pain in my hip flexors to the point where I was in tears worrying that I wouldn’t be able to run. I met with Stacey and we carefully walked through where the pain was and carefully established routines for the days leading up to the race and for race morning. She also made sure that I was in a good mental space, that I really believed everything would be OK for the race, and that meant a lot. I followed our plan and raced a personal best at the half marathon distance and maintained my goal minutes per mile for the duration of the 13.1!

None of these milestones would be possible without the support and hard work from Stacey. She has helped me realize that I can do more than just go and stamp out long distance. Stacey has shown me that I can be in control of running and my progress from training in the gym to training on the road and that rest is as important as putting in the miles.

Progress not perfection is truly the cornerstone of Stacey’s training style and I know that I am all the better for it.

Claudia, 26

“I travel for work approximately 75% of the time so staying on a consistent workout schedule is difficult. The program Stacey has developed for me has actually made it possible for me to work out LESS. Now I strength train 3 days a week performing my exercises more efficiently and using heavier weights and I am in BETTER shape! I’m working out less and I look better – thanks Stacey!”

Erin, 45
Sales Executive

To understand my praise of Stacey, you have to understand where I come from.  7 years ago I was encouraged to take yoga by my physical therapist after several dramatic muscle tears and wild structural deficiencies/imbalances that started to rear their ugly head as I said goodbye to my 20’s, and realized that in my 30’s, I’m not in my 20’s anymore.  Harsh.  Humbling.

Stacey did not have me lift weight one during our first session.  Rather, she spent the hour performing an extensive postural assessment; identifying my imbalances, deficiencies, tendencies, over compensations, etc.  Once an informed foundation was laid, construction, or should I say, re-construction, could begin.

Stacey tailored workouts to suit my needs and progression.  At 6’4″, 210#, and a career athlete, I was skeptical of the small, precise, controlled movements she had prescribed for me.  In addition, she provided me with a page of detailed exercises for me to complete on MY time (not during our session time).  Yes, homework.  Every 5 sessions, Stacey would arrive with a new program, redesigned from top to bottom, spring boarding off the progress we had made over the previous 5 workouts.  If I was doing homework, she most certainly was too.  Postural assessment, smart, controlled, safe movements, tailored sessions targeting my deficiencies and imbalances, giving it to me straight with no corny enthusiasm, unilateral focus, dynamic explosive movements fueled by targeted recruitment, constantly evolving programming…

If you don’t understand what I’m talking about, don’t worry.  Stacey does. You don’t have to.  Give yourself the best gift in the world, the gift of health, and begin to understand how to access the balance of your mind, body, and soul.  There is a fine line, but a big difference, between being selfish and self-preservation.  We can’t be our best self for others, if we’re out of balance ourselves.  Asymmetry is so out.  Get in the game for the long run.  Let Stacey show you how to identify your deficiencies, embrace them, strengthen them, and ultimately learn to create your own health, happiness, and abs.

Sully, 36

Stacey and I went to college together, and after graduation I followed her career in figure competitions, strength training and personal training with great interest.

Fast-forward many years later, I was inspired to contact Stacey for help this year after reading one of her yelp reviews that she re-posted to Facebook. Her client wrote about how after struggling with back pain, his sessions with Stacey had helped him gain functional strength, a safe, pain-free avenue of working out, and enjoyment in training again.

Ah-ha! I had struggled with a disc herniation for about three years. After hit-or-miss PT and being told to limit my activity to pretty much nothing or risk lifelong immobility or surgery, my physical activity had dwindled to about ZERO. I had gained weight and was generally unhappy about the way I looked and felt, and wasn’t able to rely on the only method of stress-relief I know (working out).

Stacey has patiently and methodically brought me out of the abyss. Her mantra, “Progress, not perfection,” has motivated me in the post-competitive collegiate athlete phase of my life. I don’t need a competition as a goal to keep me motivated to work on my strength and fitness goals. It’s so much more about quality of life and your own personal happiness.

In six months of training with Stacey, I have been pain free, and encouraged by my results and her support to continue to work on my stability, strength and nutrition. If you’re looking for a supportive, knowledgable and enthusiastic professional, Stacey is the one who can help you with your goals!

Naomi, 31
College Rowing Coach

Over the past 2.5 years, Stacey has slowly but surely transformed the way I look at my body, my health and the way I approach training.

As someone with a fair amount of athletic experience, I am easily frustrated by trainers and fitness instructors who don’t pay attention to form, or who needlessly “dumb down” exercises for women. I’d been to tons of classes and personal training evaluations at gyms where poor form was ignored—a recipe for injury. Or women were barely encouraged to lift, and if they were, to maintain a “low weight, high rep” approach. I was looking for someone who would acknowledge my strength and be willing to challenge it.

Stacey’s functional approach to training has resulted in benefits I never anticipated. I’m proud that I can lift a heavy suitcase over my head and stuff it in the overhead bin without trouble. My husband noticed that I now walk confidently under the weight of scuba gear on vacations. The nagging tendonitis in my left foot from a running injury is completely gone. I love the new muscles in my shoulders and the tightness in my glutes. Increasing my strength and core stability has improved my day-to-day quality of life, and it feels pretty awesome, too. I’ve learned to embrace my body and it’s strength—instead of wanting a slender body, I want a strong one.

Above all, Stacey gives a shit. She cares about your body and your mind, and has deep understanding of the link between the two. She can tell if I didn’t get enough sleep before a training session and adjust my program accordingly. She knows when I’m having an awesome day and am ready for a challenge. She gently reminds me to stop eating crap, get more sleep, and do more yoga. She ensures I’m never bored—constantly setting new goals and pushing me to reach them. Stacey has helped me become a better version of myself. In other words, she rocks!

Justine, 31
Email Goddess

To say she’s a rockstar doesn’t cut it. She’s a life changer. I met Stacey at South Boston Yoga last October. I had to go to PT for my IT bands – too much running, not enough stretching, + not really understanding my body landed me in pain that left me unable to run even 1 mile. PT was working, but I knew that something needed to change with my workout to help me get stronger.

She helped me strengthen the muscles that I wasn’t using when I ran (GLUTES) and also introduced me to kettlebells. She helped me get my body aligned (posture) and also helped me realize (full-heartedly) that LESS IS MORE.  She also helped me set and reach personal goals – and she continues to teach me the importance of self-discipline + delayed gratification.

Stacey just gets it. Her passion and commitment to helping her clients become the best version of themselves is infectious. The community of athletes working with Stacey are even more reason to work with her. They add so much positivity to the mix. I love the people in my group workouts – they motivate me to work hard and be my best.

I recommend Stacey for anyone looking to get seriously STRONG.

Gabby, 24

I started working with Stacey two years ago and came to her at a time when I was in chronic pain.    While I have been athletic my whole life, I have a hyper-mobile / flexible body, which was enhanced over the years by my passion for yoga.   I developed C6 disc issues and have a tendency to take tension in my neck. I was at the point where I could no longer practice yoga, run, or bike.  Even a night’s sleep would leave me in pain the next morning.

Prior to Stacey, I spent tons of money on physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractors, massage, etc.   Sometimes they offered temporary relief, but the pain would soon come back.   It felt like an endless cycle.   When I found Stacey and knew almost immediately that I was in the right place.   She studied my body, asked tons of questions, and understood what was going in a way that no other person had before.   Stacey developed a custom strength training program for me that started slow and progressed overtime.  As I grew stronger, my pain subsided.   She constantly changes my program and so I am always growing and progressing.   When I have temporary set backs, I learned from working with her how to deal with it.  It is a gift to no longer be in pain!   My yoga practice is stronger than ever.  I can run and bike.   I can do all of this because I no longer rely on my flexibility, but instead work from a place of core strength.

Deena, 43
Business Owner

I started working with Stacey at the recommendation of a good friend earlier this year.  I had serious back pain from years of skiing and biking, which ended up giving me lower back/disc problems.  Over the course of the past three years I saw two back surgeons and three different physical therapists.  None of them bothered to do more than either prescribe pain killers or give me random exercises that I could just have downloaded myself.  Nothing seemed to help and the pain only got worse.  I knew Stacey’s approach was different on my first visit with her. She began by asking me some pointed questions about my history, and then proceeded to do a full and detailed observation of such basic things as my posture and how I performed basic movements.  From there we began with correctives and then moved to some basic strength exercises that focused on stability and balance, and then moving to work with kettlebells.  Each work out was more strenuous than the next but I never felt that my damaged back muscles were at all at risk.  Stacey has a very advanced understanding of the intricacies of the body and in particular the importance of core and balance to overall health and pain free movement– the careful attention she gives during the sessions focuses on her clients’ particular weaknesses, and she leaves you with detailed and tailormade exercises to do between sessions.  She is able to target neglected muscles and also can identify deficiencies in your previous workouts so if you are used to doing basic upper body exercises/weights at the gym like I was be prepared for an entirely different experience.  In the end it works – after working with her for only 8 sessions I could definitely feel fundamental imrpovements in basic posture and movements, and was able to get back to skiing without the pain that I was used to feeling.  Unlike many PTs  I’ve visited over the years, Stacey walks the walk and enjoys working out herself as much as she does teaching and helping her clients.  Despite the fact that she is much more in shape than most of her clients will ever be she is always super friendly and knows how to make your workouts enjoyable— I easily recommend her.

Pat, 43

First off I’m in my mid sixties and before I started with Stacey, I had been going to Weight Watchers for 10 years and was a Lifetime member. I had lost weight and had kept it off most of those years, but as I was going through menopause, I had put some weight back on and it was all in my stomach area, and couldn’t lose that fat no matter how hard I tried, and oh I tried. I would do cardio at the gym for at least 1 hour three times a week if not more, only eat my “points” that I was allowed and really never eating enough, and never, never, enjoying myself with food like I saw so many of my girlfriends doing, I thought there must be something wrong with me.

My daughter suggested I talk to Stacey and that she thought she could help me, well not only did she help me, she gave me hope that I could definitely lose that stomach fat and I could really enjoy life. She is the only one that had a solution to middle age spread, not any of my doctors! She said at my age I have to eat a lot more protein! (I think I was only eating about 20 grams per day) So I joined the group June 8 and I have lost 7 lbs, and have lost that stomach fat!!!! I feel like I’ve lost more but it’s also the inches, and I feel great in my NEW CLOTHES!

I don’t have the anxiety about getting older and having to look frumpy, because I know with the way I’m eating, it will never happen again! I’ve also started working out with Stacey and I feel strong and confident that I can do anything. Thank you for my new slimmer no belly body!


This program will literally change the way you think about and prioritize food. The program makes you feel great, gives you energy and weight loss is just an added bonus!!!

I just feel like I have part of my life back. All I ever thought about before was food.


I’m really happy with the progress I’ve made and feel the most comfortable in my skin I think I’ve ever felt. I used to cardio, cardio, cardio just about everyday for 1-2 hours with little to no strength training. Now I’m leaner with strength training about 4 days per week, for 45 minutes -1 hour and keeping active on my off days both at work and on walks with my dog. I have seen greater results, with less working out! The guilt I felt on days that I don’t work out has been alleviated and it feels nice to be in control of my nutrition, without feeling obsessive or restricted. This entire process has been so liberating!

In total, I’ve lost about 5 pounds, but more impressively are the inches I’ve lost! I just took measurements and compared them to those that I had taken way back in May, a few months before starting this program. I’ve lost 1” in my chest; 1.75” around my ribs, 1.5” in my waist, 1.5” in my low waist and 1.25” in my thighs! No wonder my clothes fit better! I’m also enjoying the definition I’m seeing more of. Not to mention, my increase in energy levels.

Thank you so much for everything! I have learned a lot about nutrition, and even more about myself. I would recommend you to anyone and everyone!


You’ll be eating more food than you thought, you don’t have to do tons of cardio treadmill/elliptical type of work to see results for fat loss, 80/20 is awesome and all-or-nothing isn’t, and most importantly… you can do this & you have the support of the group when you need it.


With a business, part time job, family and home life I do not have the time -or want to give up what little time I have left- on figuring everything out myself… especially when I don’t know what I’m doing. It’s overwhelming and I never now where or how to start! By joining your nutritional program I was given the tools needed for you and I to figure out what was best for my body, energy levels and weight loss goals. The added benefit is everything I’ve learned from other people in the group -what is working for them, recipes, ideas on how to prepare foods so that I don’t get bored PLUS loads of encouragement and honest discussion.

So to answer your question on what will happen to them if they join? THEY WILL START.


I feel better, less bloated, my reflux/GERD symptoms are under better control. I have more energy ,most importantly, following the program has changed my relationship with food. I know where I have wiggle room for a treat and I don’t sweat one piece of chocolate or one bad day. Most importantly, this is sustainable, even for someone who is on the road 80% of the time. Plus the group support is what helps put all the negative, circular thinking in perspective. I see no negatives!


Stacey’s guidance has given me a whole new perspective on what I eat. Now instead of looking for the fewest calories, I’m focused on getting lots of protein, and that often means a lot more food than I was eating before when I was on a “diet.” The daily accountability and guidance from Stacey, plus the support from the group, keep me on track. Add in the strength training, and I’m treating my body way different — and way better — than I was a year ago. This is a lifestyle I feel like I can maintain forever.


I feel more free and more confident. I have started to let go of the need to “punish” myself with exercise because my eating habits aren’t stable. I have more energy throughout the day now that I’m focusing on correct ratios of protein/fat/carb. I focus on including foods that fuel me instead of wind me up. I can’t tell you how much happier and more stable I feel.


In this program you will learn how to properly nourish their body, this is not a diet, instead it is a lifestyle change. You will have way more energy from eating to nourish, which then equates to being more active, win-win. I’ve learned, and will continue to learn, that food is a positive! That 80/20 is so very do-able. Your program gives amazing tools, and with hard work and commitment, I feel the best I’ve felt in YEARS! The bonus: My 2 teenager daughters are benefiting as well, by seeing what this is doing for me and they are also eating way better…happy Mom equals a happy home….THANK YOU!!!!


The program is not a fad diet, nor it is not a 30 day get slim quick (and then gain it all back in a week). It is not a useless cleanse. It is a sustainable way to eat. It is a way to eat the food you love but in a way that compliments the proper nutrient macros you should be eating on a daily basis. She believes in an “80/20” style of eating. She believes in not obsessing over the scale and that if you follow her program you will get the body and weight you desire. Follow her program, put in the work, and you WILL see results.
This is the REAL deal. If you finally want to stop talking about changing your life and actually do something about it then this is the program for you. Actions speak louder than words and a photo speaks volumes. Her client photo testimonials are real, they happen every day, and the next set of photos could be you. Personally I’ve never felt stronger, happier, energetic, more confident in a bathing suit, and happy with my food choices in my life. I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything and I feel like I’ve gotten so much out of this program including so many new friends!


Stacey has enabled me to feel strong, healthy + balanced. She fine tunes each exercise getting me the most effective and efficient workouts!

Ruth, 44 – Lawyer, mother of 2

Smart Strength completely changed my view of fitness and what I need to do to stay in shape… the workouts are brilliant. They are efficient, effective and safe for my body. I workout less and look better than before. I highly recommend Smart Strength for the businesswomen in the world who want to maximize their time spent in the gym, look great, and not wreck their body in the process.

Stacy, 36

While the initial cost of training might be prohibitive for some, Stacey invests in her clients and equips them with tools for life. Her philosophies on sleep, stress, eating, and an exercise regimen of strength training and yoga are integral to her clients’ lives and the primary reason why people stick with her for years. I recommend Stacey’s training wholeheartedly, especially for those that are looking to be healthy for the long haul!

Amanda, 26, Financial Services Manager