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Losing fat and keeping it off…are two totally different things.

Losing fat quickly is pretty simple, it is the weight maintenance that requires a different approach.

Often the strategies used for rapid fat loss come back to bite you in the ass.

Meal plans, food restrictions and a finite end date leave you sprinting the finish line only to get “ back to your life.” You never actually learn what works for YOU and YOUR BODY, and as a result you end up gaining the weight back and then some with more cravings than you ever thought possible.

It is time for something different…

Discover the safest, most effective+ sustainable method for losing fat…


What is Progress Not Perfection Online Nutrition Coaching?

It is a 6 week program that gives you the tools you need to succeed in your individual fat loss journey.

Here is a program that FINALLY puts the power in your hands (where it should be).

Is Progress Not Perfection Online Nutrition Coaching for me?

This online coaching program is for ANYONE regardless of age or activity level. You could be a busy CEO or a stay at home mom. A couch potato or a personal trainer. Perhaps you are just someone who wants to feel better, have more energy and be a healthier and more fit version of yourself.

Regardless of who you are you will learn to:

Eat for your body, your health and your goals

Match your food to your exercise and eliminate the guilt associated with what “you should” be doing.

Repair your relationship with food + simplify your life

What should you expect from joining Progress Not Perfection Nutrition Coaching?

  • Workout less + get better results than you ever thought possible
  • Lose excess body fat once and for all
  • Increased energy throughout the day
  • Fit into your favorite pair of jeans again
  • LOOK and FEEL BETTER IN YOUR BODY than you have in years

It doesn’t have to be perfect.


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Progress Not Perfection
6-Week Nutrition Coaching Program

Progress not Perfection 6-Week Nutrition Coaching Program will help you build your own sustainable way of eating: through awareness and the establishment of a healthy relationship with food.

During this program you will learn:

  • The importance of being prepared. The most importance “exercises” of the week are grocery shopping, meal preparation and planning.
  • Which foods represent which macronutrients and how/when you should be eating them to optimize energy levels, satiety as well as eliminate cravings.
  • How to eat for YOUR body (awareness of how foods make YOU feel) as well as how to eat for where you are in life + whatever goals you are pursuing.
  • How to be prepared for dining out, traveling, vacations + holidays.
  • 120+ easy recipes
  • Establish new nutrition and lifestyle habits and the tools necessary to be successful for the long haul.

You will receive:

  • Grocery shopping list, 120+ recipes, Plug and Play Method for Sustainable Eating, Progress not Perfection Sustainable Eating 101 packet (60+ pages), customized macronutrient numbers, Weekly 1-1 email support from Stacey.
  • Templates: Meal Planning + Workout Schedule Template
  • Tools: Community based Facebook Accountability Group, MyNetDiary, self-reflection journaling questions
  • Bi- weekly Facebook Lives covering pressing questions from group members

Words From Participants

What will happen if YOU join? An incredible sense of freedom, without loss of control! A huge mindset change that comes with real physical results!


Today, I am down 13 pounds from where I started and I couldn’t be happier. Everyone at my wedding was GUSHING over how great I looked and begging to know what I had been doing.


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Next Program: Starting Monday, April 22, 2019

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