Welcome To M.I.L.F.

The online community where mamas find their tribe, build strength safely, and enjoy the ride of pregnancy and motherhood with other amazing women.


  • Private Facebook community of supportive, positive, like-minded women, who are simultaneously living your life and completely understand your triumphs and struggles
  • Smart Strength training plans that change every 4 weeks, customized to where you are in pregnancy/postpartum
  • Access to hundreds of video tutorials and demonstrations with coaching cues for every single exercise in the program
  • Printable tracking sheets to record your workouts
  • Nutritional guidance and support
  • Monthly exercise calendar
  • Weekly access to Stacey for exercise form feedback, general questions, support, accountability and encouragement in our private Facebook group
  • All of this expertise, guidance and information for a fraction of the $500 a month my in-person clients pay


Mamas in love with fitness was born from my pregnancy and postpartum experience, and that of my clients. As women, we need real, no bullshit information on how to exercise while pregnant and after we’ve given birth — more than just the green light to return to exercise at six weeks postpartum. M.I.L.F. is not just a smart strength training program, we are a community of supportive women, who regardless of circumstance, are all simply trying to do our best.

We prioritize:
  • Smart Strength training 2- 4 times per week
  • Reconnecting with your new, postpartum body — feeling + looking your best
  • Respecting what your body has accomplished — not rushing your fitness journey
  • Having enough energy to tackle being a mom
  • Making strength training a fundamental part of self-care

“I trained with Stacey to initially look great for my wedding, but once I started I knew it would be something I’d do for life! I was especially excited to continue training with her when I found out I was pregnant since she had recently gone through the experience herself, and was so knowledgeable and passionate about the pregnancy journey. I know women who stopped working out during their pregnancy and have so many aches and pains, both during and after baby. Working out with Stacey during pregnancy always felt safe, and gave me the energy I needed to get through my day. Plus, it made me feel like I was preparing myself both physically and mentally for labor. I pushed out a 10 lb baby in 45 minutes; the nurses were all so impressed, and I was so proud of myself! Recovery seemed so much easier, especially when I spoke with other friends who didn’t work out. Now that I have my son, I love feeling like I’m strong enough to carry him and his gear everywhere. Stacey is a constant source for me for any post-partum questions and insight about my nutrition and recovery. She also fosters a fun, energetic training environment that I so enjoy being a part of. I can’t imagine my experience without her!

Love you!!



There is so much contradictory information out there for exercising during pregnancy. As I see it, “keep doing what you’ve always done” simply isn’t good enough for this time in your life. In my personal and professional opinion, the problem is even worse in the early postpartum period. For some women (myself included), things don’t just “return to normal” post baby. To outsiders my body may have appeared the same as it did pre-pregnancy, but the inside was another story. Recovery was a process that took time, patience and professional guidance. My experience directly informs how I train pregnant and postpartum women, and I want to share that knowledge more widely. I want women to be able to progressively, safely and effectively return to exercise. Pregnancy and birth aren’t injuries, but they also aren’t nothing. Your body literally just went through the largest transformation of its life, and now you are taking care of this beautiful tiny human, that you made! This program will guide you safely through your pregnancy and postpartum journey.

I want to help you:
  • Recover from pregnancy, labor, and delivery
  • Adjust to your new life with baby
  • Reconnect with your core
  • Simplify your nutrition
  • Exercise in a way that gives you energy, instead of draining you
  • Create awareness of your body and re-establish good posture
  • Find a way to fit smart strength training in with your new, busy life


Are you:

  • Thinking about having a baby or trying to get pregnant, and want to be your healthiest self?
  • Currently pregnant and confused by all the conflicting messages out there about fitness during pregnancy?
  • A new mama and want to return to exercise safely and without injury?

You have come to the right place. This program is tailored to meet your fitness needs regardless of your stage of pregnancy/postpartum … you can join at anytime!

$75 per month

$420 for six months


The Community

For the first time, I’m replicating the community that’s grown within my in-person training groups in Boston — I’ve created a group of like-minded mamas who are putting self-care first. In this group, you’ll get personalized training plans specifically for your stage of pregnancy or postpartum. You’ll be welcomed into a private Facebook group with other women tackling the same challenges you are. Having a community of supportive, positive, like-minded women, who are literally and simultaneously living your life, and who completely understand your triumphs and struggles, is guaranteed to make life easier and less stressful.

Smart Strength Training

Within the first year of motherhood, you WILL be toting around a 20-pound toddler. Smart Strength will get you strong enough to carry that not-so-little one around with ease. I’ll provide you with three total body workouts per week tailored for where you are in your pregnancy or postpartum journey. With progressive strength training, just a few workouts a week will help you to feel more confident, strong and able.

Nutritional Guidance

I strive to make nutrition simple and free of guilt. Living by the 80/20 rule, you’ll eat quality, whole foods the majority of the time, while always saving room for your favorite treats. I prioritize awareness, focusing on how foods make you feel. Pregnancy and postpartum are times of huge hormonal shifts and as a woman you deserve to feel supported. What you ate prior to becoming pregnant might not be appetizing any longer and simply the thought of protein or veggies just might make you puke.


My husband and I were trying to have a family and I wanted to be the healthiest I could be for our soon to be baby and me. With two slipped discs and a torn labrum, I knew I needed to change my workout routine so that I could strengthen my weaknesses to a point where I was in control again. Prior to working with Stacey, throwing my back out was a ever few months occurrence for me. Grateful to say that it hasn’t happened in the 2 years I’ve been with her! During the first few months of my pregnancy I was the healthiest, fittest, and most confident I had been in years! To think, even at 3…4…5 months!

On delivery day, Baby Cecilia arrived with under 10 minutes of pushing. I know it was all the work I put in with Stacey. I am still amazed that through 9 months of pregnancy and now 10 months postpartum, my back hasn’t flared up, not once! She’s taught me to have my muscles and strength work for me and to remain connected at all times, especially when picking up the little lady 🙂 I am lucky to have Stacey as not only a coach, but an honest, reliable, and caring friend. She listens, knows what questions to ask, and can give a fabulous kick in the ass when needed! She’s a M.I.L.F in every sense of the word!


Training with you – and talking to you about my body and what happened to it during and after two pregnancies – has helped me in ways that most people can’t see, but that I can feel. I am physically stronger, but also much, much more aware of how I carry myself (and my kids). In the back of my head, I am either thinking “ribs over hips” or “blow before you go” every time I pick up my kids or when I’m walking around without them. Without you, I probably would not have seen a pelvic floor therapist, which has been immensely helpful for my recovery from baby #2 and will prepare me as I start working out again. Most importantly, you have been a huge advocate for doing things right, not fast, and it has helped me slow down and pay attention to how I FEEL rather than how I LOOK. And you’re a champion for all the strong AF moms out there. I would recommend to you any/all moms I know!


I had been working out with Stacey for almost 2 years when I found out I was pregnant. Since Stacey had just had a baby of her own, I knew she would be a guiding light for me throughout the journey. So many women are scared to workout during pregnancy because there isn’t a lot of information. Working with Stacey was the best thing I did for myself and for my baby. She designed a program for me every few weeks, allowing us to focus on areas that needed extra attention, meaning I really never had bad back pain or major issues throughout the entire 9 + months. In fact, workouts with Stacey were the place I felt the most comfortable. When I pushed my daughter out in just 20 minutes, the Nurses and midwives were dying to know what I had done to prepare. They couldn’t stop telling me what a strong pelvic floor I had. It was a very proud moment and one I couldn’t have done without Stacey’s guidance, support, and encouragement.

I started my workouts again at 6 weeks postpartum and what I love most is the genuine appreciation I have learned to have for my body. (Thanks to Stacey) When I’m being tough on myself Stacey reminds me that I just created a HUMAN- and that my body is still healing. Her approach is focused, steady , REAL and unlike anything I’ve ever seen. She also practices what she preaches. When you sign up to work with Stacey you are getting more than just a workout- you’re getting a mentor, support, guidance, and tough love (when needed) on both nutrition and fitness. She goes above and beyond to make sure you are your best you (she even came with me to a yoga class on her own time so she could modify my practice for my PP body) I can honestly say her programs have been life changing for me – and helped me to become the STRONG mom that I know my daughter will someday be proud of. I would and do recommend Stacey’ program to all of my friends – mommas as well as mommas to be!


After having my first baby, my hips were off and my neck, shoulders and low back hurt from carrying my son. Stacey drew attention to my habitual patterning and made sure to get me properly aligned before we began strength training. My posture improved dramatically and I felt great all the time… I had such amazing results my husband started seeing her too!

I’ve since had another baby. This time around I was better able to listen to my body, gave it time to recover and got back at it when I felt ready. My body has come back SO MUCH FASTER after baby number 2 and I know that it was because of all the proper strength training I had done with Stacey. I love the way my body feels when I finish a workout with Stacey and more importantly how badass I feel after lifting all those heavy kettlebells!

Tasha, 38

Stylist, mother of 2

I have been working out with Stacey for over 6 years now. Initially she helped my post-baby body tremendously, in addition she fixed a chronic shoulder injury, as well as improved my cardiovascular system and posture!

Stacey is so committed to her clients that the feeling becomes mutual. Anyone who motivates me to get out of bed at 4:50am is REALLY special! I know that she will be at the studio for 6am group and she will be devoting all of her energy to her clients, so I must get there to give back to her.

Ruth, 44

Lawyer, mother of 2

$75 per month

$420 for six months

Meet Stacey:

Pregnancy Postpartum Online TrainingI’ve spent 15 years in the fitness industry, the last six running my own semi-private personal training business. I’ve trained thousands of women, many of whom are pregnant or have just given birth over the last few years. Going through my own pregnancy, I was told on multiple occasions by different people that because I was fit and active that my body would just “bounce back” after giving birth.

That didn’t happen, but I learned a lot along my own journey back to fitness postpartum. I want to be your advocate and share my knowledge. I want to be the one who is comfortable talking about the unpleasant stuff. I want to point you in the right direction when you need help, open your eyes to new things and introduce you to a simpler way to live. You deserve to feel your best.

Have any questions about M.I.L.F. or how it can work for you? Email me at stacey@staceyschaedler.com.