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1/2 Kneeling Bent Press + Favorite Fitness Reads

By now you all know that I LOVE me some 1/2 kneeling exercise variations because they are accessible to all populations!

This week I went over how to bent press in the 1/2 kneeling position. This is a great one to learn/review, regardless of your experience level, seeing as the bent press is a complex exercise. Take some time and get this variation down and I promise you will be well prepared for next week, when I teach the standing bent press!

In other great news, “The Strength Shed” officially opened its garage doors for the season 🙂

Thankful for the SUN and the opportunity to open up the #thestrengthshed garage doors this week! For those of you who don’t know my catalyst for getting into #smartstrength training…At 18 #tbt I was told by my orthopedic surgeon that I was well on my way to a double knee replacement. Devastated beyond words…I knew I had to find a #better way to exercise. Discovering #yoga and learning to breathe, using #Kettlebells to strengthen my posterior chain, and realizing that #alignment is KEY were all stepping stones that got me to where I am today. Yesterday I hit 125# front squats with ease and I’m finally getting after #demQUADgains!#listentoyourbody #practicewhatyoupreach #progressnotperfection #walkthetalk #fitnessbusiness #fitness #getreal15 #getoutside #fitfam @thestrengthshed @syattfitness @thegirlsgonestrong

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Favorite Fitness Reads

5 Ways to Differentiate Yourself as a Personal Trainer– Eric Cressey

Current Position on Anterior Pelvic Tilt Bret Contreras

Vetting Your Personal Trainer– Tony Gentilcore

Is Powerlifting Hurting Bodybuilding– Cliff Wilson

4 of the Worst Deadlifting Mistakes You Could Ever Make– Jordan Syatt

The Moral Bucket List– David Brooks


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