Fast Fitness

The Beginning Of Fast Fitness

Lots of things in my life have changed since becoming a mother a year ago. The WAY I exercise and WHAT I consider a “good” workout are just two small shifts that have taken place this year.

In order to be the best businesswoman, wife, mother, daughter and friend I can be, I need all the energy I can get. Long duration, heavy strength workouts just aren’t an option right now, I need to save time and ensure that I can recovery optimally.

After taking it easy for 7 months, I experimented with some basic push/ pull/ squat/ hinge movements where I could easily keep my core and pelvic floor happy (with my breath) utilizing timed intervals and boom… Fast Fitness was born. Fast Fitness is perfect for ALL FITNESS LEVELS, males and females, those of you who want to take the guesswork out of programming for the next 8 weeks, accelerate fat loss while increasing strength + conditioning, as well as those of you who want a simple yet effective way to workout at home OR at the gym.

Why Fast Fitness

So you’ve got some amazing exercise habits under your belt and you’ve mastered the execution of basic strength training exercises. Your technique is on point and your body is feeling the effects of its strong core and powerful glutes.

It’s time for the next level! I strongly believe that there are 2-3 times a year where people should kick things up a notch. It’s important to get comfortable being uncomfortable. Push your limits. Fast Fitness is the answer.

A lot of people think I hate “cardio.” That’s just not the case. I simply prefer to use weight-based intervals in order to maintain strength while simultaneously getting conditioning up. There is a reason why Fast Fitness is just 8 weeks long, because if you do it right, 8 weeks is enough.

Fast Fitness isn’t about learning new skills; it’s about using the basics to break through to new ground. At first glance Fast Fitness looks unassuming, once you dig in you will see just how brutal and effective these workouts are.

You won’t waste time trying to figure out what to do for your workouts, you can
“choose your own adventure” or follow the “made for you” workouts for 8 full weeks.

With just 24-36 minute workouts that get shit done, you will no longer have your crazy work/life schedule as an excuse to skip your training sessions.

Take the guesswork out of programming with this super simple yet brutally effective program.

Are you ready to bring the intensity and push yourself further than you thought was possible in just 90 to 100 minutes per week?

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I am so lucky to have tons of open-minded client guinea pigs that have been my beta testers for this simple yet brutally effective program.