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8 Smart Strength Fitness Hacks For Getting Strong AF At Home

The gym can be an intimidating place when you don’t have a ton of experience with strength training. The sweaty grunting “bros” end up taking up the free weight area and you are left wandering around the gym, self-conscious and wondering what the FUCK to do. The truth is once you take the time to gain the knowledge, it’s empowering as all hell and it makes you WANT to go to the gym. You have a plan and you feel confident in your form; it’s then that the magic happens.

Whether you like going to the gym, or would rather work out at home, Smart Strength will work for you. My 12 Week Smart Strength Training Program (launching in January) has been SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED to work with limited equipment. All you will need are kettlebells, dumbbells, a suspension trainer, resistance bands, a stability ball (65cm), a mini-band, a yoga block and a pair of yoga tune up balls to be exact. If you have a bench…good for you but it is not necessary. We all have couches and chairs 🙂

All the equipment you’ll need.

Smart Strength workouts are all scalable. They are simple enough for the beginner to complete, while still challenging for even the most “in shape” women. The progressions and regressions are all outlined and the videos are there to coach you through each and every exercise. Not only will you be working out… you will be gaining body awareness and maximizing the engagement of your entire body for each exercise.  Each and every workout will leave you feeling better than before you started, and leave you with energy to thrive for the rest of the day!  This program is not designed to beat you into the ground, instead it will help you LOOK BETTER, FEEL BETTER and MOVE BETTER!

Think I’m kidding?

Here is a sneak peak of my favorite fitness hacks utilized in Smart Strength.

#1 Hang your suspension trainer like this:

#2 Can’t perform a chin up or don’t have a chin up bar? Problem solved.

#3 Can’t perform a pushup? YES YOU CAN 🙂

#4 Don’t have a bench? Your couch or chair will do.

Lucky enough to have a bench, but not an incline bench…prop it up like this!
#5 Struggling to get stronger with limited access to heavier weights?

#6 No slideboard or Valside? Use dish towels

#7 Deadlifts and burpees don’t feel great?
Shorten the range of motion.

#8 Looking to challenge single leg strength without increasing the load?
Increase the range of motion.

Do you see how easy hacking your way to fitness can be!?

For five years, I ran my business with bare bones equipment, starting with just a set of kettlebells, a few random sets of dumbbells, suspension trainers, resistance bands, 3 stability balls, a bunch of mini-bands, and a few sets of yoga tune up balls. And my semi-private training model accommodated multiple clients who each followed their own individualized programs. Needless to say, we got pretty creative with what we had access to 🙂 AND SO CAN YOU!

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In the meantime, you’ll get tips, exercises and inspiration!

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